Adhesives Can Enhance Satisfaction With Permanent Dentures
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Permanent dentures offer many benefits. They're designed to look like your natural teeth, and they tend to improve your overall appearance by improving your smile. You'll also get the appearance of teeth whitening if you keep your dentures looking their best by cleaning them daily as recommended by your dentist.

Some denture wearers find that a dental adhesive maximizes their satisfaction with permanent dentures. The benefits of using a dental adhesive include:

  • More satisfaction. Dental adhesives can enhance stability, which lets you bite more strongly.
  • More security. Dental adhesives help keep the dentures from slipping, and they can be especially helpful if you suffer from dry mouth, which reduces denture adherence.
  • More endurance. If you do a lot of public speaking or singing, you may appreciate the security that using a dental adhesive provides.

Some people should not use dental adhesives. If your dentures are not fitting well and you find that you need to use more adhesive to keep them in place, you should discontinue using dental adhesives until you see your dentist.

Also, discontinue dental adhesive use if you appear to be having an allergic reaction to the adhesive product, or if you are having difficulty following a consistent oral health care routine according to your dentist's instructions.

If your dentist has not evaluated your dentures recently, you may be in need of a new set-your jawbone changes and shrinks over time, so don't expect to wear the same set of dentures forever.

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