Choosing Electric Toothbrushes for Kids and Toddlers

Choosing Electric Toothbrushes for Kids and Toddlers

Using kid-friendly Oral-B® Electric or Battery Toothbrushes is a smart way to care for teeth and gums. Oscillating brushes, pressure sensors, and timers help kids do a better job than if they were to use a manual brush. Plus, they make brushing lots more fun. And when kids enjoy something, they’re more likely to make it part of their everyday routine. Oral-B has a toothbrush for every stage of life.

Designed Just for Babies

Before they begin on their own with an electric or battery brush, you can start babies off right with a Pro-Health® Stages® 1 Disney® Baby Manual Toothbrush. It’s specially designed for infants ages 4 to 24 months, with features such as soft bristles, a non-slip handle for parents, and a perfect fit for little mouths.

Power Up the Fun

Is your child older than 3? Let the fun begin. With Oral-B Stages Disney Jr.™ Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Disney Doc McStuffins, Disney Princess, and Disney Pixar® Cars, little ones older than 3 can begin to learn and master brushing basics with their favorite characters “cheering them on.” And the Disney Magic Timer™App helps them learn how long to brush. It’s still a good idea to supervise them until they’re about 7.

Bigger Kids… Bigger Responsibilities

Oral-B Pro-Health Jr.™ products make kids 8 and older start to feel grown up (even if you’re not quite ready for that). And now, we’ve added Star Wars and Frozen characters to add even more fun to brushing time. Most importantly, the bristles reach into the tight spaces and gaps common in children’s changing mouths, to gently clean away plaque.

Good Oral Care Never Stops

As kids continue to grow, they’ll always need the right toothbrushes for optimum oral care. Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes help them make the transition from teen years to adulthood with a wide variety of options that keep pace with their changing needs. 

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